Created exclusively for shipping hazardous materials and dangerous goods,
our innovative system is simple, accurate, and easy to use
“Compliance and safety is our number one priority at our University, and the eShipLab solution helps us reduce our risk of exposure going forward.” - Assistant Radiation Safety Officer for a leading Ivy League University

User Interface

It is easy to use the product. It is user driven based on the answers provided by the shippers. The system walks you through from classification to markings to labeling to packaging to documentation. No training is needed to use the product. If you can shop online, you can ship using eShipLab. It is that easy.

Record Retention

eShipLab keeps your shipments records online for a minimum of 5 years. Shippers can login to the system and run reports and reprint the completed shipping papers including shipper's declaration form from the shipments history. All shipping paper work must be retained at least for a minimum of two years from the date of shipment created in the system.

Electronic Data Processing

eShipGlobal has the capability to transmit data electronically to carriers of shipper's declaration forms as a valid means of submitting documents from shippers which includes commercial invoices for international shipments.


Shippers and EHS staff can login and run reports of all shipments created by the shippers. EHS can reprint shipper's declaration forms for all completed shipments made by the shippers.

Software Delivery ( SaaS)

eShipLab is an online system. It is available anytime and anywhere from any computer with internet connection and a browser. No need to install software on your desktop. The software is maintained and serviced from central hosting data center. All changes including carrier variations, IATA variations are implemented centrally at no additional cost.

Package Supplies

eShipLab will not supply any packaging materials or any kind of supplies for Hazmat shipping. The software provides some labels and markings in electronic format, but not all supplies for packaging. Shippers can contact carriers directly for supplies or third party vendors for Hazmat supplies.

Technical Support

Contact one of our friendly technical support representatives for help or more information about Hazmat shipping. Technical and business support is available during normal business hours. For tracking shipments and status of the package, shippers can contact directly carriers.
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