eShipLab can help you create compliant dangerous goods declarations and shipping papers online fast and easy

Dangerous Goods Classification

eShipLab is an online application designed to help shippers and freight forwarders simplify dangerous goods shipments by generating compliant dangerous goods declaration forms. Simply create a shipment form (Biological, Chemical, Radioactive, etc) using our online questionnaire and classify the shipment based on answers provided by the shipper.

Dangerous Goods Compliance

There is no further need to refer to manuals or online resources, Regulatory compliance is at the tip of your fingertips. With eShipLab’s Hazmat shipping automation, you can create compliant shipper's declaration forms in no time!

Built-In Regulatory Logic

Each dangerous goods form generated by eShipLab is backed by its Dangerous Goods Material Database Engine. The Hazmat shipping workflow is automated based on the user's response to questions and the selection of desired proper shipping names and respective packaging data aided by its IATA Hazmat Table integration. Therefore significantly reducing typographical errors and incorrect information.

Training Level Verification

Trained staff or authorized personnel must process each dangerous goods shipment through eShipLab. The system verifies user profiles and training levels in real time by integrating with your training database or through manual updates of training levels. This significantly reduces mistakes made by untrained staff handling dangerous shipments. Thus allowing for stricter regulatory compliance.

Dangerous Goods Declaration Form

Print compliant dangerous goods forms on blank paper with eShipLab. It fills in all required information mandated by regulatory agencies (IATA, DOT), eliminating any further need to manually fill in required fields or worry about the accuracy and quality of the information. Business logic will automatically determine how to properly split dangerous goods items (multiple materials) on a declaration into multiple pages, if necessary. Allowing you to create more shipments in less time!

Compliant Airway Bills, Labeling and Marking

eShipLab automatically generates accurate carrier compliant airway bills, labeling and marking for each dangerous goods item for users to reference and compare. Additional text regarding inner and outer packaging requirements is also displayed based on the selected packing instruction number chosen for the hazardous material being shipped. Additionally, U.N. specification labels and markings are outlined, when applicable, for each package to help users comply with regulatory requirements. With eShipLab complaint paperwork is now at your fingertips!

Supplier Compliant Shipments

With eShipLab's Third Party Account workflow, allow your suppliers, vendors, and researchers to create compliant shipments with ease for both dangerous and non-dangerous goods! Therefore, eliminating billing errors, inaccurate documentation and faulty return shipments while gaining greater visibility on all inbound shipments. Collaboration with your partners through eShipLab has never been easier!

Configurable Approval Process

With eShipLab's configurable approval workflow, route shipments that require approval to authorized personnel for approval/denial/edit before completion, therefor eliminating any worry about who’s creating what. With eShipLab, take back control of all your lab shipments!
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